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How can physio help?

Physiotherapy can offer help with many physical problems your dog may be suffering with.

After gaining consent from your vet, I will come and visit you at home and carry out a thorough assessment of your dog. This will include taking a detailed history from you, looking at how your dog walks and moves, rests and interacts, and finishing with a hands on assessment for pain, joint range and soft tissue problems.  After the assessment I will discuss what I have found and how I would like to treat this. The treatment plan will be agreed with you, and your dog will receive their first session of treatment. The need for ongoing treatments will be planned with you for each individual, depending on need.

Highly recommend this lady. She worked wonders with my dog who had a back injury who is a nervous rescue and Carol was just amazing with her.

Ellie - Warwick

What types of treatment are there?

Treatment will vary depending on what has been found during the assessment, but may include:

  • Soft tissue mobilisation;

  • Low level laser therapy;

  • Specific stretches;

  • Joint mobilisations;

  • Electrical muscle stimulation;

  • Strengthening exercises;

  • Advice on home modifications, changes to exercise regimes and how to travel.

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